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About Us

Star Flame Enterprises is not just an organization which not only markets quality products but also provides complete safety solutions. It is not only sufficient market but the equipment have to be maintained in zero defect Condition. Hence service is also an essential part and strength of the organization. The love and admiration comes when you do something beyond customer requirements. This has been achieved by the Training programs conducted not only on how to use equipment but also to save valuable life and property within the first minutes of any emergency.
Who We Are?

Star Flame Enterprises, thepioneer in saving people’s life and their lovable Possessions has been serving people from current decades. Started by a small firm of marketing lifesaving products.This has been possible only because ofthe company’s commitment to Quality and Service.We supply fire safety products, also Associates with Swastik Synergy Engineering.

What We Do?

Safety – Is it First or Just a requirement?What We Do? Our PillarsIf you say it’s first, all you need is explore theoptions of safety in life. Life, the existence thatyou experience only once, that never has morethan a single option. “Safety is something wecan live with,” you can never treat safety as justa requirement. It is always and will be the first.

Vision & Mission

We, at Star flame visualize ourcompany pursue the path of continuous Improvement through collective excellence. We, asa responsible citizen offering wide range of firesafety products, Accessories, systems with latestTechnologies to our customers. Company growthwith customer satisfaction is vision & Mission ofour company

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